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This week, she discusses condoms.

Dear Sexpert,

I just started dating a new guy, and he’s really great! But he’s really resistant to wearing condoms when we have sex. He always comes up with some excuse and tries to make me feel good about it, and sometimes I go along with it. Usually, I am a real stickler about condom use, so it worries me that he is so against using them. On one hand, I want to tell him to wear a condom, but on the other, he’s made it seem like wearing one is a deal breaker, and I don’t want to lose him over it. What should I do?

— Condom Queen


Dear Condom Queen,

There are a lot of different factors and attitudes that go into decision-making and preferences, especially when it comes to something as intimate as sex. You have decided that your preference is to use a condom every time, without exception. However, your boyfriend has other preferences.

Communication is the best way to improve sex. Talk to him about his dislike of condoms at a time when you’re not engaging in sexual activity. Figuring out his reasoning may help the two of you come to an agreement. It is possible that he has had a bad experience with condoms in the past, or maybe he has not found one with the right fit. Trying out different condom styles or having open communication about wants and needs is a great way for him to see the fun of safer sexual experiences.

It seems like you are concerned your boyfriend will end things if you push him. You have the right to make a decision for yourself, and he has the right for himself; but when you are making decisions that impact your partner, any and all decisions must mutually be agreed upon. I know it feels like saying something may put your relationship with him in jeopardy, but not saying something could also put his and your safety at risk.

Be prepared with a response for the excuses, such as “You’re just so sexy; I can’t wait” or “It’ll feel so much better without one.” Having condoms on hand will discredit his “I can’t wait” argument, and it’ll make it easier for you to stay strong in your decision. Keep some condoms in your purse or bedside table for easy access. (You can get 10 free condoms daily, at McCosh Health Center). Also, there are many ways in which using condoms can be a fun part of your sexual experiences. Using the ultra thin, ribbed or heat-activating varieties, or even adding a dab of lubricant to the inside and outside of the condom can all enhance the overall sexual experience for you both. If you aren’t interested in trying these options, you can always refer to the recent study published in “The Journal of Sexual Medicine” that stated that both men and women enjoy sex as much with condoms as they do without. This might alleviate his concerns or at least make him more open to trying condoms.

Good luck,

— The Sexpert

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