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Meditation: Take a Breath, Princeton!
It is a sprint to the finish. With just three weeks between fall break and Thanksgiving and just two between Thanksgiving and winter break, everything is being crammed into these final days on campus. Whether it’s the thesis, junior paper, presentation, paper or present shopping — take a break from all that stress. Drop by the Office of Health Professions Advising to take a moment to just relax, breathe and realize that you will make it through the rest of the week. Really, you will. Take the opportunity to practice mindfulness meditation and reset your mentality for the final countdown. In through your nose, out through your mouth. In through your nose, out through your mouth …

The Office of Health Professions Advising Library, 36 University Place, Suite 230
Thursday, 12:30 p.m.

Lecture: ‘China-U.S. Cooperation On The Global Commons’
Shen Dingli, professor and associate dean at Fudan University, whose research and publications cover a variety of topics concerning U.S.-Chinese relations, which include security relations and foreign and defense policy. Dingli will speal pm the controversy that surrounds ownership of “global commons,” which refers to air, space, ocean and cyberspace. Battles over these various global commons have been in the news — accusations of Internet-hacking by both American and Chinese governments, controversy over Taiwan and the Diaoyu Islands and more. Dingli’s lecture will look at the causes of this kind of conflict and offer suggestions for cooperation to establish international norms and pursue peace.

221 Nassau St.
Thursday, 12:30 p.m.

Dance: PUB’s ‘Sugar and Spice’

“Dancing through the snow, en pointe and pas de bourree, O’er the stage they go, PUB all the way …” In case this lyrical tribute has not effectively communicated the message, PUB’s show is happening right now. It has all the trimmings of a wonderful holiday show, a little bit of Nutcracker (a seasonal classic) as well as some spicier student-choreographed pieces. Princeton University Ballet Company’s ‘Sugar and Spice’ will be the perfect blend, similar to a delicious mug of hot chocolate with a surprise chipotle kick! “Oh, what fun it is to see a ballet show tonight …”

Frist Film/Performance Theatre
Thursday, 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Charity: Cloister Ugly Christmas Sweater Man Auction Galafest

‘Tis the season for giving, for sweaters that can only be worn without shame during this month, for good cheer and for celebration — the semester is almost over! This Thursday night, Cloister Inn is hosting a charity auction and holiday celebration, with all proceeds going to Typhoon Haiyan relief. Featured will be some gorgeous floaters’ and boaters’ bodies (released from beneath hideous constraining Christmas sweaters) and music by Princeton Urban Congo DJ MENTN.

Cloister Inn
Thursday, 10 p.m.

Literature: NassLit’s Fall 2013 Launch Party

When the weather turns this cold, all most of us want to do is curl up on a comfy couch with a warm beverage and have some casual entertainment like television or a really good book. In the spirit of this, and of our snowy campus, check out the Nassau Literary Review Launch party, featuring readings by selected authors from among your peers (meet the next F. Scott Fitzgerald), and enjoy some comforting coffee while you’re at it.

Small World Coffee, 14 Witherspoon St.
Thursday, 10:30 p.m.

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