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Gift Guide: Brother

Princeton Stainless Steel Water Bottle (26 oz.), $16.20 for members, $18.00 regular, U-Store, 36 University Place
Your brother probably isn’t yearning for more Princeton gear, but if you’re in a rush, consider giving him a Princeton Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Whether he’s athletic, environmentally conscious or just plain old thirsty, this water bottle will see significant use. It’s available in orange or black — but really, you should get it in black.

Starbucks Gift Card, $15, Starbucks, 100 Nassau Street

If your brother is of high school age or younger, give the gift of sophistication this holiday season. If he’s in college or a full-grown adult, this gift is necessary to his soul. But whether it’s impressing fellow tweens with a limited Italian vocabulary or just endowing your sibling with much needed caffeine, rest assured, every brother would be pleased with the gift of overpriced coffee this holiday.

“Farkel”: The Classic Game of Guts and Luck, $8, U-Store, 6 University Place

Why not give your brother a board game? How about “Farkel?” What is “Farkel,” you ask? I was asking the same question until I read the packaging: It’s “the classic game of guts and luck;” it’s “intense, educational and addictive;” it’s “ranked among the best dice games in the world.” What’s not to like? Again, it’s filled with “intense play,” “educational” and chock-full of “fast action.” Whoa, there. If your brother doesn’t get a kick out of the idiotic idea that someone would name a game “Farkel,” then there’s no point in trying. Take home a “Farkel” today.

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