Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons for Grade Deflation

1. The freshmen shouldn't get anything we didn't have.

1. The freshmen shouldn’t get anything we didn’t have.

2. Without it, it will be really embarrassing when I don’t get an A.

3. Because grad schools totally buy, “No. Seriously, my teachers had to give me a B+.”

4. It’s how we maintain our exclusivity.

5. They’re toughening us up before spitting us out on Wall Street.

6. It keeps UHS in business.

7. When everyone’s an A student, is anyone an A student?

8. What else will people debate about on College Confidential?

9. Because it’s too depressing to think Malkiel’s grand experiment was all for nothing.

10. We shouldn’t descend into the moral turpitude of Harvard and Yale.


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