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An account of sexual assault at the P-Rade

I saw what you did on Saturday at the P-Rade, and it repulsed me. I was walking with my classmates and our families down campus in the P-Rade, when you yelled “TEEEEE EYE” to get the attention of the young lady from the Class of 2014 who was walking with her parents near me. She, all of 20 years old, 5 feet tall and 100 lbs, had a Tiger Inn button on her beer jacket, and she was enjoying the beautiful day with her family and friends.

You, half a foot taller, bigger and a recent alumnus, raised your hand to give her a high five. However, as her hand was about to meet yours, you suddenly swung your arm down in a vicious roundhouse blow to land with a large smack on her butt. You thought that was funny! So witty! The poor young lady was startled and staggered away.

I was shocked, too, that you cared so little about her. A gentleman would never have pulled such a nasty stunt with a girl — only half his size! I guess the combination of your parents, TI and Princeton didn’t teach you how to be a gentleman. I can see that the national conversation about how to respond to incidences of sexual assault on college campuses is sorely needed. For my part, I was so shocked that I stepped over to the lady, now moving again with the P-Rade flow, and asked her, “Would you like me to knock that guy on his ass for you?” She refused and told me she was OK — it was only a guy from TI after all. She clearly didn’t want the attention that that would bring, and I dropped the matter.

If you can read this and, like myself, are feeling bad about your behavior on Saturday, I encourage you to send a letter of apology to me; I’ll forward it to the young lady. However, I won’t expect one. After all, cowards like you who attack a young lady for their own amusement rarely do the right thing.

John M. Chludzinski ’85,

Vice President, Class of 1985

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