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News & Notes: Blog uses Tinder to enable meal swipe exchanges

American University student Julia Reinstein launched Swipe for Swipes, a blog that uses mobile dating app Tinder to enable students to exchange meal swipes, according to The Washington Post.

Reinstein explained the idea behind the movement in a simple sentence: “It’s symbiosis, folks.” The user simply specifies whether he or she has extra meal swipes or needs a meal swipe in your Tinder profile, sets the search distance to one mile, and waits for responses.

While some commenters criticized Swipe for Swipes for its inefficiency, Caitlin Dewey, social media reporter for the Washington Post, said it is “a great example of the power, and promise, of the sharing economy,” pointing out that there were opportunities for the app to be used in diverse ways to find tutors, study spaces or used books.

Earlier this semester, three University students created a similar website, Passes for Late Meal, which was soon taken down after discussions with the administration.

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