News and Notes: Late García Márquez had ties to Princeton

Author and Nobel Laureate in literature Gabriel García Márquez died Thursday at age 87. The exact cause of death was unspecified, but he had recently returned to his home in Mexico City after a hospitalization.

Born in Colombia and widely considered one of the best Spanish-language authors of the 20th century, García Márquez popularized magical realism, a literary genre that combines supernatural elements with the every day. He wrote 10 novels, including “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and “Love in the Time of Cholera.” President Barack Obama said in a statement that García Márquez was a “representative and voice for the people of the Americas.”

García Márquez taught a seminar at Princeton on The Architecture of Narrative with professor emerita Toni Morrison in spring 1998 as part of the Princeton Atelier, a program created by Morrison to attract guest artists to pursue a professional project alongside students.

A student who took the class said García Márquez emphasized the narrative aspect of storytelling.

“He arrived the first day and demanded, ‘Give me a character. Give me a plot,’” the student said.

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