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Sanghvi to advise Hamilton-Chandler on future path*

Director of Career Services Beverly Hamilton-Chandler will seek advice from Executive Director of Career Services Pulin Sanghvi as she prepares to find the right “path.”

“My time at Princeton has been extraordinary, and I’m thrilled Pulin has agreed to help me pursue my passion in the Arts, Nonprofits and the Public Sector,” Hamilton-Chandler may have said if she had ever agreed to an interview with The Daily Princetonian.

Career Services’ lone counselor dedicated exclusively to the Arts, Nonprofits and the Public Sector is perfectly suited to accommodate Hamilton-Chandler’s interest in that obscure field, Sanghvi said.

“There seem to be more and more Princeton students interested in Arts, Nonprofit and the Public Sector, which is why I’ve shifted the focus of Career Services away from finding students a job and toward finding them a ‘path,’ ” Sanghvi said.

“If Beverly had wanted a job, we would’ve had no choice but to point her to the array of TigerTracks postings, information sessions, personal emails, networking sessions, eating clubs, and Nassau Inn cocktail hours where our students hear about finding gainful employment in finance and consulting,” Sanghvi added.

“Finding students a path is easier. We just point her to Abbey,” he said, referring to Abigail Racelis, the Career Services liaison to the arts, nonprofits and public sector.

Sanghvi added that he is working with Outdoor Action director Rick Curtis ’76 to develop resources for students seeking paths through the woods.

* Just in case you’re a reporter for The Daily Caller looking to dig up dirt, please note that this article is part of The Daily Princetonian’s annual joke issue. Use discretion before citing.

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