Editorial Board 2016

The Daily Princetonian Editorial Board decides and articulates the official position of the ‘Prince’ on campus, local, domestic and international issues that have a special and important impact on either the students of Princeton University or Princeton University as an institution. The purpose of the Editorial Board is to educate the Princeton community through insightful analysis and argumentation and to draw the community’s attention to issues it might otherwise be unaware of.

The Editorial Board operates and decides its opinions independently of the regular staff and editors of the ‘Prince’ and answers only to its Chair; the Opinion Editor; and the Editor-in-Chief.

The Editorial Board strives to include members with diverse beliefs and interests and from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. In order to promote transparency, the names of Editorial Board members are published below.

Cydney Kim ’17
Editorial Board Chair

Megan Armstrong’ 19
Allison Berger ’18
Jacob Berman ’20
Thomas Clark ’18
Paul Draper ’18
Daniel Elkind ’17
Richard Furchgott ’20
Theodore Furchgott ’18
Dee-Dee Huang ’20
Sergio Leos ’17
Carolyn Liziewski ’18
Connor Pfeiffer ’18
William Pugh ’20
Ashley Reed ’18
Gabriel Swagel ’20
Jack Whelan’ 19