Why you should check out the Class of 2018 Facebook page

They ask big questions:


You’d be hard-pressed to find one of those at Princeton University.


Some bigger than others…


I agree. But I went with pink.



This guy has his priorities straight.


They are a reminder of healthier days:


Ha, trying to remember the last time I woke up for breakfast.


They own clothes besides Princeton gear or the latest J. Crew catalog:


Wear your Harvard shirt. You definitely won’t look like an asshole then.


They’re already posting extremely pertinent comments in anticipation of precepts:


The most relevant post on the Class of 2018 page…

Their naïvety and blissful ignorance is kind of cute:


Last week I walked to math in a snowstorm.

They remind us of our high school memories, some more painful than others:


What are mid-year grades again? Are they like midterms?


And they also bring us back to some of the better memories:


C’mon, don’t lie. We all did this too. We’ll probably never see that many likes again.


They remind us of when we thought challenging ourselves was a good idea:


Ah, all that hope and optimism.

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