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Senior writer for Street section and senior copyeditor.

April 17, 2014

Q&A: Michael Pratt, Princeton University Orchestra conductor

The Princeton University Orchestra presents its final concert of the year on April 25 and April 26. The Daily Princetonian recently had an opportunity to interview conductor Michael Pratt about his work with the orchestra and his views on the upcoming concert. Daily Princetonian: Can you talk about your musical … Read More

April 10, 2014

PSC’s ‘Twelfth Night’ delights with energetic humor

Traditionally, the Twelfth Night of Christmas is a time for celebration and festivities. William Shakespeare wrote “Twelfth Night” solely as a comedy — unlike Shakespeare’s more serious plays, “Twelfth Night” simply wants its audience to have a good time. As director Malena de la Fuente ’16 noted, “the real value … Read More

April 3, 2014

‘Venus in Fur’ explores dynamics between sexes

“Venus in Fur” borrows from a classic literary trope, the frame narrative — presenting a play about a play — to relate the tale of director Thomas Novachek’s struggle to find an actress to perform the leading role in his sadomasochistic play until he meets Vanda Jordan, a brash but enthusiastic … Read More

March 27, 2014

PCT’s ‘Ruan Lingyu’ addresses dark side of fame

“Ruan Lingyu” is a play based on the true story of a Chinese silent film star of the same name who rocketed to fame, grew embroiled in scandal and committed suicide at the age of 24. Princeton Chinese Theatre presents this tragedy in the Class of 1970 Theatre in Whitman … Read More

February 26, 2014

‘The Language Archive’ finds all the right words

George is a linguist, fluent in nine languages, whose goal in life is to record as many dying languages as he can before their last speakers pass away. Mary is a housewife who gave up her passion for baking in order to marry George. Predictably, their marriage is an unhappy … Read More

February 11, 2014

‘Henry V’ offers modern spin on Shakespearean history

William Shakespeare wrote “Henry V,” the last of four plays about the kings of England from Richard II to Henry V, during a time of tension between England and Spain as well as Ireland. As such, “Henry V” is one part historical documentary and one part contemporary propaganda, celebrating the king’s … Read More

December 5, 2013

‘Frankenstein’ reinvigorates an old classic

It is a timeless classic of betrayal, of how one man’s noble dream deteriorated into a decaying corpse. It is a tale of loves lost and the fruitlessness of living in the past. It is Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” adapted for the stage by Robert N. Sandberg ’70, a Princeton lecturer. Read More

November 14, 2013

Ghosts of the past haunt the present in PCT’s ‘I Myself He Himself’

How far into the present does the past reach? Princeton Chinese Theatre’s “I Myself He Himself,” written by Stan Lai, explores this question with the lives of two successful businesspeople, Jian Rujing and Chen Mo. Rujing works as an executive officer in her father’s company, while Mo serves on the … Read More