Margot Yale


November 6, 2014

Only got $20 in my pocket

Long before Macklemore started popping tags in 2012 and hipsters emerged in recycled ’90s plaid, thrift stores were a must for anyone searching for good deals and the potential for big buys on a budget. While the University is not the first place that comes to mind when looking for … Read More

September 25, 2014

Pericles in Princeton

Princeton Battlefield is one of the most dramatic sites in the town, serving as a critical location during the Revolutionary War. However, in recent years, various performance groups have harnessed the drama ingrained into the grounds by using the battlefield as the location for their shows. This weekend, the Cradle … Read More

April 10, 2014

Size doesn’t matter: a sampling of Princeton’s smallest departments

Though the Princeton experience guarantees an education with a superior focus on the undergraduate and countless opportunities to work with, speak to and learn from professors, one can’t deny this experience is vastly different from department to department. Although the economics department boasts a faculty of 61 members, far more … Read More

March 6, 2014

Behind the curtain: A tour of technical theatre on campus

When the curtain falls, we applaud the actors, the directors and the producers for a job well done. But often, we forget the person who made sure the curtain fell at the right moment, lit the actor’s face in the most flattering way or worked for hours to ensure the … Read More

February 14, 2014

‘You are now chatting with…’ Tigers Anonymous

It happens to all of us. You meet someone, anyone — maybe by sitting in on a different section of one of your precepts or perhaps by bumping into someone while scooping ice cream in the servery. After introducing yourself, you enjoy a brief, but far too fleeting, conversation. For the … Read More

November 13, 2013

‘New Jersey as Non Site’

New Jersey has eternally been plagued by stereotypes entrenched in pop culture from “Jersey Shore” to “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” And yet, the state was the industrial mecca and the avant-garde muse for artists in the mid-20th century. Its abandoned manufacturing wastelands called to artists from across the Hudson, … Read More

October 16, 2013

Art Museum Tour

Before being sucked up by the Orange Bubble, you may have had grand plans to travel to New York or to Philadelphia while in college to enjoy what these cities have to offer. The plays, the shopping, the food, the concerts, the art: All were beckoning you. But chances are, … Read More